DOLLFACE: A Summer Denim Dream

The cute teenage 70’s style is all the rage this summer. It’s easy to say buy this, this and this but if like me, you haven’t got much to spend on clothes then you need a fashionable staple item. My answer to this is the denim skirt which has made a reappearance. Last time I wore one of these I was 10 years old, riding my bike at the park every day. But this item really helps to channel the style at the moment and is flexible to use for a variety of outfits.

Recently I’ve found Topshop have been at the forefront of hughstreet shops taking on the 70’s trend. It’s a good place to check out.

Personally I would pair a short denim skirt with a basic 70’s t-shirt for a neat everyday look, the t-shirts are found in most stores and are rather cheap, so I recommend!

My treasure trove recently has been the charity shops, which have brought out all their old donated summer clothes. When I visited my hometown in Kent, I popped into a few charity shops and found this old gem, at £2.50, from Marks and Spencers. It’s to the knee, so a longer skirt, but nearly an exact replica of those spread across shops like Topshop. The longer look is just as nice but if you’re not as daring it’s quite easy to take the length up a bit.

My charity shop find.

Here’s my hot picks:


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