DOLLFACE: Day 1: The Pescatarian Life

I was the kind of child that would get out my mother’s recipe books from the kitchen cupboard and gaze over all the photos of the delicious food. I’ve always done it and to this day, much I’m sure to my housemates’ dismay, the student recipe books are usually located in my room. Each day I will be posting a short insight into my pescatarian diet and you’re more than welcome to try with me and comment your story, I would love to hear.

In classic adolescent style, I woke up after a time where it was still possible to class a meal as breakfast, so I started straight with lunch, rebellious I know.


I apologise, to you foodies out there. I’ve got a massive cold at the moment so lunch was quite basic: good old tomato soup. I’d love to say a slave over a hot stove with fresh veg for an hour but it was a 45p can from Aldi, which I’m not ashamed to admit. The 19p artisan bread makes for a more rustic meal, such a classic when you’re feeling a bit sick.


Dinner had more interest, I’m at the stage of illness where I can’t taste a thing, so I thought a curry might revive my senses. I love chicken korma, it’s my favourite Indian dish. This was a bit of a trial for meat substitutions, I’m not a fan of quorn so I went with boiled sweet potato. Peel the sweet potato, chop into chunks, boil and drain, add spices and your curry sauce and serve with rice and naan. Definitely a must and very filling.

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