DOLLFACE: Day 2: The Pescatarian Life

Today, I was on the annual student house viewings trip. Trawling around 5 bedroom houses with no double glazing and mould in every corner in view to paying overrated prices for the opportunity to live there. I’m sure I’ll look back fondly at this as part of the ‘student way’.


My brunch was a favourite of mine which I only discovered recently when watching Simply Nigella, hoping to pine over the delicious food. Avocado Toast is so quick and easy to make. It’s probably better suited to a wedge of wholemeal bread rather than a wispy bit of white but it’s personal preference. Simply cut open the avocado, spoon out the limey green flesh (throwing away the stone), mash and apply to some fresh toast. I tend to add a bit of paprika dusted on the squidgey toast topper for a bit of an extra kick.


My housemates will tell you the classic Mols meal will consist of some combination of salad, (it lets me justify to myself that eating so many carbs is ok). I was in a pasta mood, so boiled some pasta parcels filled with spinach and cheese and mixed with a tomato mascarpone sauce, alas I didn’t make it, faithful Aldi again. If you do want to make your own sauce, which I usually do, use a can of chopped tomatoes, simmer and gradually stir in a small pot of cream, continue to simmer until it thickens. I needed to use up some Moroccan hummus which I had along with some bread, therefore it was only appropriate to add some olives to the pasta sauce to continue the Mediterranean theme. It was just a basic salad accompanying all this but I used lemon as a dressing to keep things light and fresh.

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