DOLLFACE: Jellies: Just for Toddlers?

It’s a big throwback to the past when I was two years old, trotting round a pebbly beach in a swimming costume and glittery pink jellies, but they’re back. If you’re prepared to be a bit adventurous and embrace your inner toddler these shoes can be a lot of fun for summer.

Jellies have plastered the high street shops and even made their way into charity shops, but the apparent ‘proper’ brand is JuJu. What’s great is they aren’t too expensive and if you so wish you can collect every colour of the rainbow to match any outfit.


I chose to buy the Office limited edition JuJu’s in glittery black for £13 and needless to say they’re definitely worth the money. They’re extremely comfy, go with a variety of colours and are going to keep my feet protected from the pebbly Brighton beach.


Although these make a perfect sea side accessory,  I think it would be just as nice to wear this with a day dress to keep that fun, summer vibe. And if you want to wear socks, a little frilly pair would complete a cute look that’s on trend at the moment. The black or clear would also compliment black tights well.

Here are my hot picks:


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