DOLLFACE: Soap and Glory

I’m a keen one for the sales after Christmas, yes I’m the girl that goes down to the shops on boxing day whilst I should be eating chocolate watching The Sound of Music. I scour the shops for the deals on all the items that the last minute panic buyers didn’t nab on Christmas and well my friends it pays off. Boots especially is always a treasure trove and to my delight a whole floor of my local store (Brighton) was devoted to the half price products. Soap and Glory (in particular the Body Butter) is always left over every year but don’t let that put you off. I’ve been squirrelling away gift sets for friend’s birthdays all through the year (ruined the surprise slightly there).  Therefore I shall begin with the Body Butter review:


The Righteous Butter: This is like the margarita pizza of Soap and Glory, not in smell, but it’s an absolute classic. Every time I think of the brand it’s this smell that comes to me. It possesses a floral scent with an undertone of milkiness, very pretty and moisturising but like all soap and glory body butters, never greasy.




Sugar Crush: When I smell this is genuinely makes me feel like I’m at the beach. Everything about summer is encapsulated into this scent, I couldn’t put my finger on the exact smell and then I realised it is identical to the smell of callipo ice lollies that I used to eat incessantly every time I visited a beach.



Butter Yourself: The frozen yuyu, green fig and orange oil make for a woody smell but there is definitely an overtone of coconut in there, again, very summery, after all who doesn’t want to go round smelling of malibu.



Orangeasm: This is extremely rich in citrus scent, it’s good quality. I’m not talking the artificial sweet orange, it’s the real deal, an earthy orange. This ones quite thick so particularly good for dry skin if you’re unfortunate like me.


Smoothie Star: This is definitely aimed at the sweet toothed individuals. It’s sickly marzipan buttercream smell really encourages you to want to eat it.




Flake Away: This has a really light sensitive clean smell to it. This is lovely to rub onto tired feet when having a dip in the bath and the sandy grains exfoliate nicely. Make sure you wash your bath out afterwards though as it does tend to leave a residue.


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