DOLLFACE: Spruce up a Plain Room

When I moved into my new house in Brighton, my room was white. White walls, white ceiling and minimal furniture. I know its generic but the house wasn’t a home, the chilly look just emphasised the lack of heating  (student here). Here are some tips to make a cosy difference to any room on a budget of course.

  1. Plants

I know what you’re thinking, you’re not a fan of the naff waiting room look or the out of control hippie jungle, neither am I. However a touch of clean greenery can make all the difference for a fresh look. My housemate bought me a small cactus from Ikea and it’s the perfect plant, It rarely needs watering (ideal for the half hearted gardener like myself.  Artificial flowers have the threat of becoming dusty and tacky but if you stick to a colour scheme they can look rather nice and Ikea offer variety of beautiful colours. If you’re ready to be a bit more daring, Ikea offer some equally as pretty and cheap potted flowers too.


2. Wall Hangings

This is by far the most simple way to jazz up any room and breath a bit of a colour  into the place. I bought mine from a market stall at Uni but they’re easily found in kooky shops and all over ebay. It’s a warm alternative to a blank wall.



3. Lights

Bright lights can emphasise the coldness of a room. Fairy lights and scented  candles make for a warmer vibe. Fairy lights are easy to come by and cheap. I hang my battery operated lights alongside my wall hanging. However I really like the look of displaying  fairy lights in a mason jar. Tiger offer animal mood lights, which also create a relaxed mood, my favourites are the bunnies but buddhas and birds are also available. Tea light candles are my best bargain, picking a scent is alway enjoyable and it’s unbelievably cheap for so many.


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