DOLLFACE: The Pescatarian Life


Being a vegetarian is always something I’ve tried to do but going cold turkey (pardon the pun) always results in a pork pie or pepperoni pizza making it’s way into my mouth. There’s many benefits to being a vegetarian, apart from the obvious: boycotting animal cruelty.  Meat can be fatty and for a student that shamefully slouches around in gym clothes for most of the day, I want to make a change to my lifestyle that can benefit my heart and mind. I’ve spoken to friends who have watched Cowspiracy and turned completely veggie, losing over half a stone from just cutting meat out of their diet!

For me I feel the pescatarian lifestyle is a nice compromise between carnivore and herbivore. I’m going to attempt to stick to the fish dishes only (I’m not a quorn fan after eating it when I had a sickness bug). So far the craving for steak and chicken has softened and I don’t even entertain the idea to my tastebuds.

A quick and yummy recipe I found was this Aubergine, Red Pepper and Prawn stir fry, light yet filling and absolutely delicious:


Published: 23/02/2016 for


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