Mimi Molly: In Deep Water

So today I did an activity that wouldn’t attract many during winter…I went swimming. As a cold bodied person it wasn’t something that really appealed to me; leaving the comfort of my bed to traipse into the wind and rain to reach the local leisure center, idyllic I know. Now we all tend to put on pounds and reside to staying inside as much as possible and believe me, I am a main offender of this! However, my opinion on winter swimming has completely changed; it’s amazing and definitely the best time to go! So dig your swim attire out and rush to the pool for a quick dip! I found the prices were much lower than in summer and once indoors you can’t even feel the icy temperatures outside. I’m not an exercise fanatic by any means, oh no! But just swimming around for a bit refreshed and exercised me, in time for my last minute Christmas dash around the shops. Now you may be thinking on a weekend and despite the cold, children would still be flooding into the pool (excuse my pun). But no, I honestly shared the pool with about 10 other people; I feel I’ve discovered an unknown treasure. So if you’re not so keen on trying the icy swimming of the Russian waters or even the Christmas swim in the Serpentine, this may be more your bag. If you’re lucky to have a steam room like my local swimming pool, take advantage! It might just help your body rejuvenate for Christmas celebrations. There are so many health benefits for weight, heart, breathing, cholesterol and stress (due to all those feel good endorphin’s). You may even find you can start using that bikini, trunks, or costume all year round!

Published: 15/12/2013 for http://mimimolly.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/in-deep-water.html


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