Mimi Molly: Life’s a Bleach

With the exciting new release of some of Bleach London’s products (now sold at Boots) I thought it’s only natural to dedicate this post to the salon. For those of you unacquainted with the salon this is THE homeland of colourful hair, if My Little Pony got their hair done, you would find a sea of ponies submerging the Bleach salons. Now Bleach really isn’t just a hair salon! Oh no! They create wonders of art in bright and pastel rainbow colours, you can be the girliest girl imaginable or the grungiest rock chick around, and it really is a whole new world for your locks to explore. And who’s to say boys can’t use it either? Now what’s not to love I hear you scream? Well before you go grabbing your purse and running for the salon, check appointment prices. Most treatments will set you back £100 or more, and we all know coloured hair needs maintaining rather regularly to stay in its prime look. So for many of us, including myself, a Bleach treatment really is just a treat. If you really do love your creative hair or know someone that does this would make a fabulous birthday or Christmas present! However, who said hair miracles don’t come in bottles placed on the shelves of Boots? Bleach certainly didn’t as they bring their beautiful hair dye palette to market. I’m sure this will be a super-hot seller and flying off the shelf.  There are 12 different colours at £5 a bottle as well as DIY bleaching, colour care and styling products all £7 and under; It’s definitely well worth it! So if you’re feeling brave and daring this Christmas, you could always make that change and enter New Year in colourful style.


bleach-london-at-homebleach_new_exclusive_c9094Published: 14/12/2013 for http://mimimolly.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/lifes-bleach.html


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