Mimi Molly: Lush Life

photo 1.jpgI’m a massive hard core Lush fan and have been for a number of years now. The vibrant colours and strong fragrances are everything I love. I admit it can be a bit pricey for a bar of soap when you can nip down the town and purchase a pack of four aloe vera bars for a pound. So I’ve discovered the way around this for me is to stock up at birthdays and Christmas’s. My recent haul was for my birthday and it’s given me the opportunity to try some new products and these are the ones I recommend!

SOAPS are probably my favourite Lush products, you get a substantial block and the beautiful smelling bar lasts for a long while. I tried Rock Star and Miranda which both have fruity fragrances to them. My ultimate favourite is ‘Miranda’ and I really recommend this one. I’ve used it regularly and the citrus scent is really refreshing, it’s one to wake you up on a groggy Monday morning! Rock Star is a popular soap too, it’s sweet, cherry smelling with a floral undertone and is equalling pleasing. It’s scent has more of a cute teenage girly vibe but has a soothing cleanliness at the same time and I’d be more likely to use it before going out to a party or going to bed.


BUBBLE BARS are ideal for relaxing and lounging around in a warm bath tub. I quite like that they can be used over a period of time, instead of crumbling it all in one bath and be done with it. I decided to go with ‘Dorothy’ and ‘Pop In The Bath’; ‘Pop In The Bath’ was the sweeter of the two but they both possessed strong relaxing smells and I would recommend either if you want to de-stress and relax.


BATH BOMBS are a great one off treat, the only down side I find to them is they only last for one bath time. However I usually leave the bath shimmering clean and smelling amazingly good, which is a great benefit, of course! Three fresh smelling favourites I’d recommend are ‘Sakura’, ‘Spacegirl’ and ‘Twilight’.


I always find the Lush SHOWER GELS useful, they’re such a handy size and all smell beautiful. However, if you’re looking for a refreshing snap of citrus similar to the Lush Miranda soap, Happy Hippy is a perfect quick fix. I use it all the time when I’m in a rush and need to have a quick but effective wash! It’s definitely my favourite shower gel and I highly recommend!



The SHIMMER BARS are a really good summer product. They’re multi-purpose and they’ve worked really well for me for just a simple massage oil as well as smelling pretty amazing. I’ve also found they’re a really good buy for a natural glowing summer look, so if you’re going on holiday, to festivals or genuinely off out, this is ideal for quick beauty trick.



If you’re the kind of person to like LIP BALMS and you like chocolate this is one for you! I wasn’t sure at first as I didn’t know whether the colour would suit my lip tone but there wasn’t much of a tint to it like some of the other Lush lip balms. It smells exactly like chocolate orange and worked as a perfect moisturiser banishing all dry skin.



Finally the SOLID SHAMPOO is my must have! I’m not a fan of hair washing but for some reason I’ve warmed to the solid bar of shampoos that Lush sell. They’re really compact with a long, long lifespan, so well worth the money. It’s basically a bar of soap for your hair which leaves your locks shiny, nourished and clean. My favourite being the Jumping Juniper bar, I love it!


You’re able to buy any of the products I found in any Lush shop or online at http://www.lush.co.uk


Published: 11/07/2014 for http://mimimolly.blogspot.co.uk/2014_08_01_archive.html



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