Mimi Molly: Moomin Marvellous

Now, I noticed an obsession that I’m slowly developing over Moomins, maybe it’s a retreat back to my childhood but equally it could be the fact they’re amazingly cute! So, I looked online to find any Moomin products that could be added to my Christmas list. And did I!? Little did I know many others have been developing Moomin fever, so much so practically a whole section of the market is dedicated to ‘Moominism’. I’m pretty sure you could find a Moomin toilet seat in some unknown corner of the internet. Candle holders, pyjamas, mugs, calendars, toys, cutlery, cooking mittens; you name it, the Moomins have decorated it. So I decided what better than to do a Moomin haul? Here are some of the best Moomin products I found:

Moomin collection.png

My top trio:

  1. Moomin Topshop Boypants: These are definitely worth it for £4. The patterns are cute and I admit I’m a sucker for underwear! Even though they won’t really be seen you can still show your appreciation for Moomins through and through with these knickers. They’re usually really comfy and Topshop often run offers when you buy 3 pairs.
  2. Moomin Soft Toy: Yes it’s basically a child’s toy! But who couldn’t resist? If you’re not a fan of plush toys (as if you haven’t guessed I am) make this the one toy you do have.
  3. Moomin To-do List: I was quite proud when I came across this nifty Moomin product. I will be buying this in the hope that if my lists are on stylish paper I’ll be more concise and looked after them (fingers crossed). This would equally be good for weekly shopping lists; as opposed to a plain bit of paper you can have a Moomin on there as well. What more could you want!




If you’re looking for something as a memento for Christmas this year, as I know some do! This Moomin Christmas mug is adorable. It will set you back £17.40 on Amazon, but the artwork on this mug is really endearing for Christmas, which I love.



I hope I’ve kick-started the start of a beautiful Moomin collection or at least strengthened your love for them! I know they’ll be making an appearance on my Christmas list this year! Please feel free to leave your comments and ideas.

Published: 16/12/2013 for http://mimimolly.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/moomin-marvellous.html


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