Christian Sussex Students Run Free Cafe for Peers

St. Peter’s Church in Brighton are welcoming students to visit their free café outside Falmer house every Thursday. ‘The Elevens Café’ run by fellow Sussex students and members of the church runs from 11-1, and serves tea, coffee and cake throughout term time.

The Café has been running for a year now with resounding success and returning ‘customers’. On a rainy morning whilst serving out Rocky Rock, International Development student Beth said she didn’t mind giving up her time at all to stand in the cold weather: ‘It’s nice to Brighton up people’s day if they’re having a bad one’. The stool, a table sheltered under one of Falmer House’s archways, have returning regulars and the ‘The Elevens Café’ girls have been pleased to meet new and returning faces. Sarah, reading Psychology admitted she did have her favourites, ‘There’s so many people, faces that we see regularly, I remember this guy called Jake who used to come every week’.

Although the girls do visit the church around three times a week anyone is welcome to come for a chat or just collect a free hot drink on the way to a lecture.

Published: 07/11/2014


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