Students Could Sway Vote in Brighton

A recent report suggests students could sway the vote at the next general election nationally and potentially in the Brighton area. A Labour vote is more likely after the rise of student tuition fees, the study says.

The Telegraph announced earlier this year that Sussex University students were some of the worst off with finances, spending up to £263 weekly. This gives hope to the Labour party to win majority, however the Green Party are known for their popularity in the area. The Greens rising above the Liberal Democrats in opinion polls across the country suggests a clear cut Labour win is debatable.

‘Labour are hopeful to win all three seats in Brighton as there is a big population of students and ex-students in the area, but I think it will be tight with the Greens’ says KCC member Roger Truelove. The report has sparked debate, Paul Chandler, vice-chancellor of the local Liberal Democrats rejected the idea student party support will decrease, ‘We have an active student organisation in Brighton. I am optimistic.’

Although it is remaining as to whether students will vote, with NUS announcing only 73% of students are registered to vote.

Published: 05/12/2014


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