STEPHIEANN: Ask The Intern: Rachel

Life as a StephieAnn Intern

Sometimes StephieAnn needs a bit of assistance in delivering the highest quality to you beauties. This year we’ve taken on two lingerie loving, self-titled Stephanista, so here’s more about the ladies behind the scenes of silk.


Rachel, 20

What are you studying at University?

English Literature

What do you aspire to do with your career?

My dream job would be to write novels but I need something to subsidize that! I’m interested in working in marketing or PR at the moment, but I change my mind quite a lot so I’ll probably try my hand at a few career paths.


What’s a regular day at StephieAnn?

The first thing we always do is put on the radio and update the social media sites! I’m in charge of Instagram and Facebook and Molly does Twitter and Pinterest. Then I’ll spend some time researching different PR tactics, compiling lists and writing various press releases. We get to be creative quite a lot; I’ve spent the last week writing, filming and editing a video press release which was really fun.

What’s your usual work day lunch?

I normally have salad with lots of spinach and peppers, avocado and loads of hummus. Then I have fruit – but I normally have a chocolate bar as well just to balance it out.

What’s your favourite day at StephieAnn so far?

Molly’s birthday because we had birthday breakfast! Either that or the first day – I was quite nervous but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the job and how friendly everyone was.




What’s your absolute favourite StephieAnn piece?

Either the kimono, or the Midnight print slip dress from the new collection. I really like all the bras as well – I’m really into wearing bras and bralettes as tops and they’re perfect for it.


Midnight Day Camisole










Ask the Intern:

What’s your favourite food?

Barbequed halloumi!

Are you watching anything interesting at the moment?

Game of Thrones – but I’m only on season 3 so I’m really far behind everyone else.

Whose your fashion icon?

Gwen Stefani – I love 90s fashion and crop tops.














What’s your guilty pleasure?

Online shopping – I have an addiction to it, to the extent I have to delete all my card details from websites often so I don’t spend all my money on clothes 24/7.

What’s your favourite animal?


Where do you most want to go on holiday?

I’ve always really wanted to go to Mexico, and I’m really lucky that I’m going there this year. I’d also really love to go anywhere in the Caribbean.

What’s your most proudest moment?

Getting an unconditional offer for university – it was a really amazing moment and as I received it by letter it made it so much better as it was unexpected.

Do you have any pets?

I have a Doberman called George who is my absolute favourite.


What’s your favourite colour?


What’s something you really want to do?

I’m desperate to try jet skiing; I need to find someone who owns them so I can try it.

Where are you from?

Somerset, England aka farmer land and home of questionable smelling ciders

If you went to a bar right now, what would you order?

Gin and tonic with ice and a slice


What’s your ideal date?

Drinks on the beach or anything to do with food

What song are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving the new Jamie T song ‘Tinfoil Boy’

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?

Ideally on a yacht drinking cocktails and sunbathing… But more realistically working part-time in PR while I write in the rest of my time. Maybe a published author – fingers crossed.

me and amber

What was your first ever job?

I worked in a café in a leisure centre from age 16 – it used to get really sweaty as it was next to the pool so it was constantly 30 degrees or more. But it paid for my clothes and whatever else I used to waste my money on at 16!

What dish is your speciality?

I make a decent mezze platter of halloumi, spicy rice, spinach, roast Mediterranean veg, egg and avocado. And I’m pretty good at making veggie chilli as well.


If you could have a conversation with anyone from history who would you choose?

That’s really hard! Maybe Queen Elizabeth I or Shakespeare. Suppose I have to choose a writer as an English student!


What’s your favourite sweet treat?

Peanut butter, I eat it out the jar on the reg.

What’s your horoscope?

I’m a Pisces

What are you scared of?

Having to pay back my student loan… But seriously I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, to the extent that I can’t even look at a photo of one without screaming. I also hate needles, so having my immunisations for Mexico has been an absolute nightmare, but probably worth it if I get bitten by a rabid dog.




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