STEPHIEANN: Take a Trip in a Slip

The revival of nineties fashion is extremely on trend right now. Now we’re not suggesting you transform your entire look to something featured in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but the sleek and sophisticated slip dress is reappearing on red carpets and everyday look books. It’s a simple summer essential that holds the pure essence of effortless beauty, admittedly they often look extremely like nighties, but who doesn’t love a good silk piece?!


At StephieAnn we’re all for the underwear as outerwear trend and our nighties and camies can equally be worn as slips and tops. The slip is a versatile item and just as perfect for taking a stroll into town as it is to wear to a swanky garden party. Why not pair one of our floral slips with a pair of sandals or strappy heels and if you’re daring enough, add an oversized jacket or jumper like Chloé did on their catwalk and you’re ready to rumble.


Of course as the weather starts to heat up; (I say that whilst it’s pouring down with rain: classic British weather) many are tempted to strip off in the heat of the moment. The rise in decorative bralettes for a festival look has become more and more popular; worn under an open shirt or on its own with pretty jewellery and denim shorts.
StephieAnn Bralette + kimono

It seems most people’s nightmare is to turn up to work or an event in pyjamas, a thought which would make many wet the bed in their younger years. But I kid you not, if you’re daring to take the pyjama-by-day look to a new extreme, a recent trend in the fashionista circle has been the two piece pyjama suit, aka pyjama shirt and trousers. This seems a completely alien concept but when you love your silky pyjamas that much who wouldn’t want to show them off! Admittedly this is definitely one for the more fashion forward but paired with some classy heels and a belt nipped in at the waist, it doesn’t look too bad.


Here at StephieAnn we’re absolutely IN LOVE with the slip! It’s one to fit all styles so to speak. A particular fave in the slip world right now is pairing a crisp white t-shirt layered under a floral slip for a casual pretty vibe. Our super cute floral prints are ideal to capture the essence of the summer weather, so show off your StephieAnn number whether that be as a smart dress, a casual layered piece or accompanied with a jumper, we know you’ll all look like absolute beauties.

Viola Nighty


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